Thermal Textile Transfer

Thermal heat transfer is a popular service we offer.

Thermal heat transfer is a specialised film that has a heat activated adhesive on the back. This adhesive allows it to be transferred on to the fabric of your choice. The result is an efficient and high-quality transfer that looks great and is long lasting. We have a range of different heat transfer materials and finishes available.

Our thermal heat transfers are highly versatile because they are suitable for the use of nearly any fabric. They have a thicker structure than some other techniques we use. This makes it an ideal choice for the darker materials.

Many businesses and sporting organisations use this method to print logos, photos, designs and text to their promotional materials and uniforms. Thermal Textile transfer can also be used when custom designing t-shirts, performance wear or any fashion applications.

The use of a tumble dryer is not advised for products that have received thermal textile transfers. We also recommend against the use of any aggressive chemicals.