Business Cards

Promote yourself professionally with our custom designed business cards

Your business card is carried in a clients wallet or stored on someone’s desk. It may be passed on when someone recommends you, or you hand one out yourself when meeting a potential client or business partner. Nearly every professional will have a business card. Although, not everyone will go that extra mile to design one that is unique and memorable. A business card does not have to be boring to be professional.

Your business card can be the first impression someone has of your business. Here at Exposed, we have high printing quality with impeccable detail and colour fidelity. We use quality paper that compliments your design. Your business card won’t just look professional, it will also feel the part as well.

Do you want to improve your chances of standing out and being noticed from all the other boring business cards? Design a business card that perfectly represents your brand and its values to your potential clients and take the next step to make the small changes that can lead to impressive growth.