Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation uses special dye-inks used to print artwork onto a specific type of paper before staining the material

Dye Sublimation or otherwise known as Dye Sub can be associated more with a tattooing style of printing. Instead of using needles like the tattoo gun, it uses paper and heat instead.

We use a unique and sensitive type of ink to stain the fabric with a dot to dot technique. Your artwork is printed on to paper first before it is then transferred onto your choice of fabric by using a heating method. When heat influences it, the ink turns into a gas that then combines with the material.
The ink has now become part of the structure of the material, and it will not fade or crack. This is different from other printing techniques because instead of printing on top of the material, we are staining the fibres of the material. Dye Sub is the perfect option for sporting uniforms because they require high durability.
Not only does dye sub allow us to create something that is unique and practical, but it also opens up many doors of creativity for you.

Dye sublimation is not restricted only to clothing and promotional materials. It can also be used to assist you and your own personal projects.
Talk to our staff more about what the possibilities of dye sublimation are for you.