Urban Wear

Get that urban look and get yourself into some of the best brands in streetwear

Make the right fashion statement with the newest trends and designs in street clothing.

Urban clothing is huge in the fashion world right now, and it’s here to stay. Streetwear has experienced a significant shift from the baggy pants and oversized t-shirt style it used to represent. There is now a stronger element of style and effort put into achieving that stylish urban look.

Here at Exposed, we have you covered and stock the best of Australia’s most official and freshest urban brands such as Crosshatch, Diversity, LTB, Brave and True, Vintage Laundry, Reef and As Colour.

If you are tired of shopping in clothing stores that stock the same dull clothing all year round, make the change and try out our urban wear range. Be an individual and stop blending in with what everyone else is wearing. Embrace that urban spirit and express your unique personality through fashion today.

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