Presentation Folders

Here at Exposed, we have the best presentation folder options to maximise your presentation experience.

Like your business card or letterheads, it is important to create a look and feel that represents your business in the best way possible. We have a variety of different options when it comes to paper quality, colours and design.

These choices may seem trivial when it comes to a presentation folder because all it does is hold all the important documents right?


It is essential to let the people you are presenting to know that what you are presenting to them is of high importance. They will get this impression when you hand out your well designed, quality folders. You can even take a step further and show your clients that they are valued by personalising the folders with their names. You could even customise the folders with your brand logo.

Here at Exposed, our designers can make your presentation folders stand out and make a professional impact on your clients.

Our folders are of high quality with full-colour options available to leave that lasting impression on your clients while also protecting your important documents inside.